Attention to the Russian war against Ukraine has decreased 22 times on the internet — Axios

Internet users have recently been interested in scandals from the social life of stars, reports

Analysts state that the topic of a full-scale war launched by Russia against Ukraine has recently been less and less discussed by foreign internet users.

So, according to Axios, since the end of February, the number of interactions in social networks regarding news related to Russian aggression has decreased 22 times.

In particular, at the end of February, the war in Ukraine interested about 109 million people. Currently, this number is 4.8 million.

The media also pays less attention to covering the events of the Russian-Ukrainian war. In the first week, this topic was covered by 520 thousand articles, recently the figure is about 70 thousand articles.

Unfortunately, for 6 weeks in April and May, the audience’s interest in materials about the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard was about six times higher than interest in materials about Ukraine.

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