Nicotine addiction: what influences the formation of smoking habits?

The fight against smoking in society is only increasing from year to year. Nicotine is a known evil. But for now, there are still enough smokers. Therefore, researchers are studying what exactly influences their appearance.


Drug debt scientists from the University of California at San Diego (UCSD), USA, found that teenagers are 59% more likely to become heavy smokers if they start using cigarettes with a menthol supplement instead of the most common without additives.

The researchers conducted an analysis of surveys of RATN — a project to study the consequences of constant smoking of nicotine-containing substances, which involved 1,096 adolescents from 12 years old. It was studied how long children smoke, when and why they started, as well as which brands they prefer.

Smoking child

Narcologists have determined that about 40% of respondents aged 12 to 14 often smoked menthol cigarettes or at least tried them. For those whose first cigarette was menthol, scientists note, an increased level of nicotine dependence is characteristic against the background of other smokers. In addition, the refusal of this type of cigarettes by 47% increased the likelihood that a teenager would stop smoking daily.

“Menthol cigarettes are a truly unique product. They have an almost anesthetic property, which makes them easier to smoke,” said Andrea Villanti, associate professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey, studying tobacco use among young people.

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