Scientists have told whether the Earth’s magnetic poles will turn over in the future

The protective shell of our planet is not what it used to be. Over the past 200 years, its magnetic activity has plummeted, but scientists do not yet know why.

At the same time, scientists are recording a South Atlantic magnetic anomaly. This is an area of intense radiation that is caused by a dip in the Earth’s magnetic field.

The South Atlantic anomaly is known for failures in the equipment of spacecraft and satellites, as well as mysterious physical phenomena, which are constantly reported by astronauts.

Therefore, scientists have concerns that, perhaps, in the future there will be a reconfiguration, as a result of which the poles of the Earth change.

But the authors of the new work said it was too early to jump to conclusions. They modeled the Earth’s magnetic field and stated that the South Atlantic anomaly is likely to disappear within the next 300 years, and that the Earth is not moving towards a change of poles.

It is not yet known for sure whether any changes will occur. The last time the poles changed was 42,000 years ago. Then all living beings were going through a difficult period, nevertheless, the event was not catastrophic. But if the change of poles happens today, it will disrupt the work of a huge amount of equipment.

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