The Earth is threatened by a prolonged magnetic storm

NASA experts warn of power outages and power outages.

For three days until June 27, the planet will be covered by a magnetic storm. This will happen due to the fact that a huge sunspot will be facing the Earth — three times the size of the planet.

These are dark areas on the Sun, the temperature of which is lowered by about 1500 Kelvin compared to the surrounding areas of the photosphere.

The zone has an unstable beta-gamma magnetic field, the power of which is sufficient to cause power outages on Earth.

It is predicted that the power of the magnetic storm will be low — 3 points out of 9, but long-lasting.

In addition to interruptions in the supply of electricity, a magnetic storm threatens to worsen well-being. The usual symptoms of storm exposure are loss of appetite, increased drowsiness and apathy. They can manifest themselves in both humans and animals.

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