The European Parliament supported the ban on the sale of cars running on diesel and gasoline p 2035

The European Parliament on Wednesday, June 8, supported the amendments proposed by the European Commission to the rules for controlling harmful emissions, which provide for a complete ban on cars with internal combustion engines until 2035.

The initiative was supported by 339 MEPs, 249 voted against, and another 24 abstained from voting.

According to the proposals of the European Commission, by 2035 the EU should reach zero levels of harmful emissions for Road Transport.

An interim goal is also set until 2030: to reduce emissions by 55% for cars and by 50% for heavy trucks. Some MEPs proposed to mitigate the complete rejection of harmful emissions by 2035, but their proposals were not supported by the majority.

Now parliamentarians will coordinate the adopted document with representatives of the EU member states, as a result of which the law will be adopted.

The European Commission submitted its proposals to reduce harmful emissions back in July 2021. Their goal is to ensure that the EU’s climate change mitigation goals for 2030 and 2035 are met.

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