Dogs and crime: how do dogs affect crime?

No one doubts that dogs are angelic creatures. But in what way are these animals able to reduce criminal activity, in addition to direct work in law enforcement agencies? A new American study responds.

Image by AnjaGh from Pixabay

Scientists from Ohio State University, USA has discovered another reason to love dogs. According to a new study, a higher concentration of dog owners in an area is associated with a lower crime rate. So, in their own way, dogs really help humanity fight crime.

The authors of the study think that such a connection exists, since owning a dog leads to the need to walk it, and walking involves walking in the area.

Dogs are random rescuers

“People walking their dogs are essentially patrolling their neighborhood,” says sociologist Nicolo Pinchak, lead author of the new study. “They see when something is wrong and when there are suspicious outsiders in the area. This can be a deterrent for criminals.”

The researchers’ hypothesis, inspired by the works of urban theorist Jane Jacobs, is based on Jacobs’ concept of “eyes on the street”: the idea that people in public places help maintain order and security simply by their presence.

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