What foods are actually not good for health

Scientists are constantly making new discoveries about the impact of individual products on our health. Periodically, it turns out that previously considered healthy food is actually harmful to the body.

In our daily life, we often neglect good food and make a lot of snacks. But not all of them are actually as useful as you think. Here are a few foods that it is better to give up on regular consumption and switch to healthier and more varied foods.

Protein bars

Whether a protein bar is healthy or not depends directly on its ingredients in its composition. Most of these products contain “good” ingredients: nuts, seeds, dried fruits and oatmeal. But some may contain sweeteners (sugar or others) and additives to improve the taste or texture of the bar. Experts do not recommend eating bars that have no composition on their packages.

Packaged teas

Despite the good properties of tea leaves, brewing tea bags is not the best idea. Studies show that some tea bags contain microparticles of plastic that can get into your drink. It is unclear how they can affect the human body, but it is unlikely that you will want to use these compounds.

Fruit juice

Not so long ago, fruit juices were considered very useful. But now many experts have found out that they do not bring such health benefits. Even natural juices without pulp do not contain insoluble fibers, unlike whole fruits, and this affects how the body digests juice. The fructose from the juice is absorbed very quickly, leaving you hungry and leading to overeating.

To make the drink healthier, nutritionists recommend making juices on their own and with pulp.

Yogurts from the store

Natural yogurts are very good for health. They are an excellent source of calcium and protein, and probiotics have a positive effect on your immune system and intestines. But not all yogurts are healthy. Many of them contain too much sugar, flavors, sweeteners and other additives.

Therefore, doctors advise buying yogurts without additives or making them yourself. If you want to make natural yogurt tastier, add fresh or frozen fruits and natural flavors such as cinnamon or vanilla.

Dried fruits

Despite the fact that dried fruits contain a lot of fiber, vitamins and minerals, they also contain a lot of calories. This means that you should not eat too much, otherwise you may have problems. You should also know that many dried fruits are watered with sugar syrup, which makes them more attractive and less healthy. It is best to make such supplements yourself to be sure of their quality.

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