What is better to wear in the heat: clothes that will save you from overheating

During the summer heat, you want to be either by the cool sea, or under the air conditioner. But what if there is neither? How to dress to feel normal even in the heat?

We share simple recommendations for making your summer wardrobe. Believe me, it can save you from the heat.

1. Choose bright things

To feel better in the summer heat, wear light-colored clothes, because these colors reflect light and heat. While dark colors — on the contrary — absorb the sun’s rays, and in such clothes you will be very hot.

2. Wear clothes with short sleeves or without them at all

Summer clothes should let in as much air as possible. Therefore, choose for yourself sleeveless shirts, blouses with open shoulders, with puffy sleeves or with short sleeves with buttons.

3. Don’t wear tight clothes

In extreme heat, it is better to avoid tight clothing. Choose things that will improve air circulation around the body. Cropped trousers with wide legs, loose shirts and blouses, as well as loose dresses and skirts will do.

4. You can wear a sports uniform

Usually, workout clothes are made of a material that absorbs moisture. This will be a great advantage during the heat. However, the sports uniform most often fits the body, which is not very good in summer. So in this case, choose the right one, and instead of the usual black leggings and hoodies, wear cycling shorts, a T-shirt or a cropped top with short sleeves.

5. The material of clothing should “breathe”

Synthetic clothing will only aggravate the situation, because it retains heat, absorbs sweat poorly and increases body temperature. Therefore, choose clothes made of natural fabrics: cotton, linen or calico.

6. Give up jeans

Denim is the material from which jeans are made – one of the densest fabrics. And in the summer, you will be very hot in your favorite jeans, especially if they fit your legs. During the heat, it is better to replace them with trousers made of cotton or linen with wide legs. Well, if you can’t give up jeans, wear models in which the air circulates better.

7. Sandals are your best friend

Sneakers can be left for autumn or for a colder summer, and in the hottest weather it is better to wear sandals, flip-flops or espadrilles so that your feet are not too hot either.

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