Chest pain when running: causes

If you don’t run often, you’ve probably experienced this symptom. That’s what he’s talking about and how to avoid it.

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Chest pain (also called mastalgia) while running is not so surprising when you consider how much — and in which direction — the organs move during training. “Chest pain during running is associated with chest displacement, so movement occurs not only up and down, but also from side to side and back and forth,” says Michelle Norris, senior researcher at the Department of Sports and Exercise at the University of Portsmouth in the UK.

What Science says about Chest Pain when Running

In fact, the researchers found that the chest can move an average of 10 cm in three different directions while running. The work of scientists The University of Portsmouth has also shown that if the chest is not supported properly while running, it experiences the same overload as a Formula 1 racer and can stretch, damaging the skin.

As you would expect, women with large breasts tend to experience more displacement and experience more discomfort. But women with smaller breasts can still experience stretching and damage to Cooper’s ligaments, which hold the breasts on the chest wall.

The main cause of chest pain when running is the tension of the skin and ligaments caused by movement: studies have shown that they move in a complex pattern, which includes movement up and down, from side to side, forward and backward — all these movements cause pain.

Another study found that 32 percent of female marathon runners experienced chest pain, and this was largely due to cup size and was greater during intense exercise compared to moderate exercise.

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