How to swim out of the rip currents

Rip currents annually cause the death of many people. Here’s what you need to know to be able to identify them and survive in case of a hit.

Everyone dreams of relaxing on the beach under the sound of the sea surf. However, on a sea holiday, you can easily encounter rip currents that can carry people far out to sea and cause their death. Here’s how to understand that there is a rip current in front of you, and how to get out of it.

How to recognize the current

Rip currents are narrow channel streams of water that move away from the shore on beaches. As we have already said, they can quickly enough during low tide before the next wave to carry you out to sea. The good news is that you can spot them from the shore by looking for specific signs:

  • Calm stretches of water between breaking waves and white water
  • Few breaking waves
  • The difference in the color of the water: the water may be sandy or muddy brown
  • Debris, foam or algae floating in the sea
  • Ripples in a certain place when the water around is calm

If you notice these signs or are not sure, do not enter the water. In addition, always choose a beach that is under the supervision of lifeguards.

How to get out of the rip current

If you accidentally got into such a current, follow the following tips:

  • Don’t panic and relax. Try to conserve your energy.
  • Raise your hand to attract the attention of rescuers.
  • If the breaking current takes you away from the beach, swim parallel to the beach, in the direction of white water and incoming waves, do not swim against the current.
  • As soon as you feel that you have got out, swim at an angle to the beach.
  • If you feel that you will not be able to reach the shore on your own, wave, shout and try to attract the attention of rescuers. They will help you.

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