India ranked last in the world ranking of environmental efficiency

The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) is a method of quantitative assessment and comparative analysis of environmental policy indicators of the countries of the world.

Image by billy cedeno from Pixabay

EPI ranks countries by performance in several categories, which are grouped into two groups: ecosystem viability and environmental health.

The authors’ conclusions are based on 40 indicators of quantitative assessments and comparative analysis of the effectiveness of measures taken by countries to:

— combating climate change,

— maintaining biodiversity,

— development of sustainable agriculture,

— protection of public health,

— reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

These indicators allow us to assess how close countries are to meeting the goals of environmental policy.

There are 180 countries in the ranking. According to the report, only a few of them, including Denmark and the UK, will achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

These countries took the first two lines of the rating, followed by Finland, Malta and Sweden. Luxembourg, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and Iceland also made the top 10.

More than 50% of emissions by 2050, experts predict, will fall on only 4 countries — China, India, the USA and Russia. They occupy 160, 180, 43 and 112 positions in the ranking, respectively.

For the first time, India took the last line of the index. She was there because of the poor air quality in the largest cities and the rapid growth of greenhouse gas emissions. Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Vietnam are not far from India.

“Most of the countries with low scores are those that prioritize economic growth over sustainability, or are torn apart by conflicts, civil unrest and other crises. According to forecasts, China and India will become the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in 2050, despite their promises to curb the growth rate of emissions,” American scientists said.

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