Products for women that reduce blood pressure

A new study has linked potassium—rich foods to lower blood pressure – especially in women who consume a lot of salt. To avoid this, girls are advised certain products.

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The work of scientists from the Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, suggests that the inclusion of bananas, avocados and salmon in the diet of women can reduce the negative impact of salt on the body. Thus, potassium-rich foods have been associated with a decrease in blood pressure.

“It is known that high salt intake affects high blood pressure and the risk of heart attacks,” says Professor Liffert Vogt.

Gender inequality

The authors of the study indicate that potassium has a beneficial effect on heart health, but more for women than men — “It is difficult to limit salt intake. Potassium has non-obvious ways to protect the heart, in addition to increasing sodium excretion.” The study involved 11,267 men and 13,696 women aged 40 to 79 years.

Each of them filled out a questionnaire about their lifestyle, they also measured their blood pressure and collected samples of their urine. Scientists found that people with the highest potassium intake had a 13% lower risk of cardiovascular disease than people with the lowest intake. In a separate analysis of men and women, the risk reduction was 7% and 11%, respectively.

Dietary advice

Scientists recommend 3500 mg of potassium per day for adults from 19 to 64 years old. These are vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, dairy products and fish. For example, 115 g of banana contains 375 mg of potassium, 154 g of cooked salmon — 780 mg, 136 g of potatoes – 500 mg, and one cup of milk — 375 mg.

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