Record low salmon catch in Scotland linked to climate change

Environmentalists urge solving the problem, since the population decline is directly related to climate change.

Image by danny moore from Pixabay

Last year, anglers caught 35,693 Atlantic salmon in Scottish rivers. This is the lowest figure since the beginning of calculations (since 1952) — the catch was only 75% of the average for the last 5 years.

Trout catch rates were also disappointing — anglers caught 12,636 individuals, – 77% of the average for the same time.

Experts note that the decline in the species population was influenced by changes in water temperature, pollution, fish farms and human industrial activity.

Back in January, the Scottish government announced that salmon populations were in crisis.

The authorities promised to improve water quality, review compliance with laws on the protection of species and strengthen measures to preserve the marine environment.

As well as removing dams and cleaning up spillways, Scotland plans to plant millions of trees along riverbanks to lower water temperatures and reduce flash flooding.

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