Toyota has introduced its own battery for the home, which will compete with the Tesla Powerwall

Toyota has unveiled a new home battery to provide backup power in residential areas — a product that will compete with the Tesla Powerwall. Pre-orders have already begun, and sales in Japan will begin in August through Home Builders and general construction companies.

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) has developed batteries based on the concept of “safety, long service life, high quality, good value for money and high performance” so that customers can safely use them. This technology, based on years of development of electrified vehicles, as well as onboard parts and assemblies, was used to create the O-Uchi Kyuden System, a home battery system.

The O-Uchi Kyuden system uses electrified vehicle battery technology, which offers 8.7 kW of rated power and 5.5 kW of rated output power. This ensures the safety and power supply of the entire house, not only in normal situations, but also in the event of a power outage caused by natural disasters.

The automaker says its backup power system also works with a bidirectional charger to connect to the electric car’s battery pack if you need more power. Toyota is already taking pre-orders for the system, but so far it is only available in Japan.

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