What fruits look like in the wild

The finished products in the supermarket look attractive and beautiful, but before they hit the shelves, their appearance may be very different.

We are all used to seeing ready-made products in the supermarket. But many of these products have really interesting ways of growing and processing that they go through before they get to the store. Let’s not forget about their funny appearance.


It is widely believed that bananas grow on trees. However, in fact it is a tall grass that can grow up to 15 meters. It is a perennial plant that can easily regenerate. In addition, bananas are not grown from seeds, but from a rhizome or bulb. Bananas usually take about 9-12 months to grow.

Sesame seeds

Sesame grows in areas that are not suitable for other crops, and also requires significantly less hassle in terms of care. It can also grow in drought conditions, because sesame needs a high temperature with residual humidity after the end of the rainy season or even their absence.


Peanuts are actually legumes, which by definition are edible seeds enclosed in pods. Peanuts grow underground but bloom above ground, unlike other nuts such as almonds and walnuts that grow on trees.


Pineapples are not checkers or fruits, they are berries. This is a bunch of individual berries contained in one peduncle. In other words, it is a collective, not a separate fruit. One pineapple plant can only produce one fruit at a time. In addition, they tend to ripen faster if they are kept upside down.

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