How to remove gum from hair and other surfaces: simple life hacks

We hope that you will never find gum in your hair or on your clothes, but if it happens, you will know what to do.

We share 9 ways to get rid of gum in your hair and on clothes.

1. Peanut butter

Peanut butter contains substances that make the gum harder, respectively, it becomes less sticky. This method is suitable for removing chewing gum from any surfaces, but it works especially well on hair. To use this life hack, take peanut butter and apply it to the entire area affected by the gum. Wait a few minutes and then remove the contamination.

2. Hairspray

Hairspray works the same way as peanut butter — it strengthens the gum, making it harder. Apply hairspray directly to the chewing gum, after which you can simply scrape it off with your fingers.

3. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a high-fat product that can work as a good chewing gum remover. To remove the gum in this way, apply mayonnaise with your fingers on the stuck chewing gum, wait a few minutes, and then very carefully remove it.

4. WD-40

The WD-40 spray can dissolve chewing gum, which makes it easier to remove it. This method is best suited for cleaning shoes. Just spray WD-40 on the contaminated area and wait. If a small piece of gum is stuck to the shoe, then a couple of minutes will be enough, but if there is a lot of chewing gum on the sole, leave the shoes for a few days so that the gum dissolves better.

5. Vinegar

Moisten a cloth in white vinegar, and then rub the surface on which the gum is left well. Vinegar will make the chewing gum softer, and it will be easier for you to remove it.

6. Lemon juice

Moisten a piece of clothing with chewing gum stuck to it in lemon juice. Wait a few minutes, and then scrape off the gum with a knife. After removing the chewing gum, wash your clothes as usual.

7. Ice

If you freeze the gum, it will become less sticky and it will be easier to remove. An ice cube that needs to be wrapped in a cloth or plastic bag will help you with this. Then rub the area where the chewing gum is located with ice until its remnants fall off.

8. Freezer

If freezing chewing gum with an ice cube does not help, you can try putting the whole product in the freezer. To do this, clean the clothes and empty the pockets, if there are any. Then carefully fold the thing and place it in a small plastic bag and remove the air from there. After that, place the bag in the freezer for a few hours.

9. Hair dryer

Instead of freezing the stuck chewing gum, you can heat it up. The heat from the hair dryer should be enough to melt the chewing gum without damaging the clothes. When the gum starts to melt, carefully remove it.

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