How to improve memory and cognitive abilities: 5 simple tips

Do you want to keep your brain in good shape and always be active and smart? We will tell you how to achieve this.

10 технологічних стереотипів та непорозумінь

1. Communicate with people

It is necessary to communicate with other people not only for the sake of entertainment, but also to maintain one’s mental abilities. Studies have shown that communication not only helps to preserve, but also improves our memory. Moreover, it is not necessary to leave the house for this — for example, you can spend time with your household or call friends by video.

2. Read fiction

Reading textbooks and other specialized literature will help to develop intelligence and gain knowledge. However, it is believed that reading fiction books improves your emotional intelligence. The study of literature filled with details, hints and metaphors activates the same areas of the brain that are involved in experiencing real life events. For example, it is known that if during reading we observe the resolution of certain moral dilemmas, then this kind of leisure trains the brain and increases our ability to empathize.

3. Drink green tea

A long-term study published in the scientific journal Experimental Gerontology has shown that the chemical compound catechin contained in green tea can reduce brain atrophy. Scientists have been monitoring elderly mice for a year to determine how green tea affects their brains.

4. Exercise

Regular exercise will help you keep your mind sharp and stay in shape. Studies have shown that those who exercise regularly improve their thinking and memory. It has also been found that regular exercise reduces the body’s resistance to insulin, stress and inflammation, as well as promotes the release of chemicals that help repair blood vessels in the brain.

In addition, physical activity relieves stress, and it is also very useful for brain health. When you exercise, the stress hormone level decreases, and this has a positive effect on your memory.

5. Learn to play a musical instrument

Maybe it’s time to dust off the guitar that is hidden in the attic to improve your cognitive functions. It was found that in addition to acquiring a new skill, learning to play a musical instrument involves almost all parts of the brain and improves language and cognitive skills.

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