What foods you need to eat before going to bed: 5 life hacks

To lose excess weight, it is not only possible to eat at night, but also necessary! What foods should you eat before going to bed to lose weight?

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The first commandment for anyone who wants to lose weight is not to eat at night. And indeed, eating at night makes us fat, especially if a late dinner contains refined carbohydrates and starches, as well as a lot of sugar.

But there is also good news: a study by specialists from The University of Florida, published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2018, showed that 30 grams of protein eaten half an hour before bedtime will not only not hurt our waistline, but also help to lose weight.

We have selected products that can be eaten at night without harm to the figure.

Cottage cheese

In addition to the fact that this product can be safely eaten at night for weight loss, cottage cheese is rich in protein and calcium, which we need at every age. Women suffer especially from a lack of calcium during and after menopause: at this time, calcium is literally washed out of our bones, joints and teeth, making them especially fragile. By the way, do not try to choose low-fat cottage cheese: milk fat is necessary for the health of our blood vessels and heart.

Almonds and walnuts

Despite the fact that nuts are a very high–calorie product, regular and careful use of them helps to maintain a slim figure and even lose excess weight. The main thing is not to exceed a reasonable dose and not to eat more than a handful of nuts at a time. Almost all types of nuts are rich in protein, but the most useful of them are walnuts and almonds. They contain a lot of vitamin E, as well as magnesium and selenium, which are very useful for the work of our heart. So these products can be safely eaten at night to lose weight, but only in small quantities.


Here is another insanely delicious and healthy product for weight loss at night. 100 grams of this cheese contains 6 grams of protein, 1 gram of carbohydrate and only 100 calories. Mozzarella also has a lot of vitamin D, which we all lack so much in the dark season. So eat for your health, including for dinner!


If nutritionists had to choose one of the healthiest foods for the night, most likely they would prefer eggs. Rich in protein, vitamin D, other useful vitamins and trace elements, they are ideal not only for breakfast, but also for a late dinner.


If you follow a vegetarian diet, it is especially important for you to monitor the protein content in your diet. And tofu is a great option with which you can get enough protein. In addition, this product can be eaten at night without harm to the figure.

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