Animals to be afraid of

We used to be afraid of big animals or arthropods or insects. However, even among the most seemingly harmless creatures, there are those from whom it is actually worth staying away.

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We tend to be afraid only of large predators, such as bears, sharks, tigers and similar animals. However, few people know that even a seemingly harmless insect can be life-threatening. Here are some unexpected examples of the fact that not everything in nature is so unambiguous.


Deer are the deadliest animal in the In the United States, killing an average of 120 Americans a year every year. However, this is not because they are vicious – most of these deaths are caused by car accidents, especially since urban development continues to reduce the natural habitat of animals. Of course, compared to statistics on other types of deadly animals, deer have rather modest indicators.

So, the deadliest animal in the world is the Asian cobra, which kills about 50,000 people every year. They are followed by the noisy viper, carpet viper, triatom bugs, freshwater snail and tsetse fly, each of which is responsible for more than 10,000 fatal collisions with humans per year. And compared to global data on deadly animals, the number of deaths at the hands of deer can hardly be called significant.

Silkworm caterpillar

The silkworm caterpillar is dangerous – you should not touch it, otherwise you may face unpleasant consequences. Moreover, you should not even touch the place where this insect passed — it can drop the villi that cause dermatitis in people. It can manifest itself in the form of severe skin irritation and other consequences.


Although you may underestimate the cow’s propensity for violence, after all, these animals, which can be found in many petting zoos, kill about 20 Americans a year. And while some of these deaths are accidents — cows standing on the road or falling from cliffs onto vehicles below, about 75 percent are deliberate attacks. In 2015, animal behaviorists found that 10 cow—related deaths were caused by bulls, six by cows and five by group attacks. Yes, you read it right — cows sometimes unite to coordinate an attack.

Black Sea Scorpion

As you can understand from the name, this fish lives in the Black Sea. Nevertheless, it can be found both in the Mediterranean Sea and in the Atlantic Ocean. As a rule, it lives near the shore and lies on the rocks waiting for prey.

Large species live at depth, so they are dangerous for the most part for scuba divers and fishermen. The spines and thorns on the body of the fish contain a substance that causes severe pain. The mucus that gets into the wound also provokes inflammation, so it is dangerous to touch it.

The floating Beetle

It is worth fearing not only the beetle itself, but also its larvae. The latter is quite large and can grow up to 5 cm . It looks quite scary for both humans and insects, because it is a rather dangerous predator. It is better not to touch this insect — it can bite painfully. The floating beetle itself, which develops from this larva, bites no less painfully. The bite feels like a skin wound with something sharp. Edema forms at the site of the bite, which takes 2-3 weeks to remove.

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