How to lose weight after 40 years: 7 expert tips

Who said that a beautiful figure after 40 years is difficult? These simple tips will help you keep fit at any age.

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The older we get, the more difficult it is for us to keep fit: metabolism slows down, our lifestyle also becomes less active, and after 40 years we lose muscle tissue more easily, which is replaced by fat… What to do to keep a beautiful figure after 40 years? We have some tips!

There is enough

It is a very bad idea to cut your daily diet extremely in order to lose weight. Most likely, at first you will achieve a result — and, perhaps, it will even be impressive, but very quickly the weight will freeze, and then it will creep up at all. Our body does not like stress very much and is afraid of the unknown. And in the face of a sudden shortage of nutrition, he will struggle to resist attempts to take away precious fat — he will rather part with muscle tissue. Therefore, eat as much as you need to avoid hunger.

Do not refuse breakfast

People who skip breakfast are on average 4.5 times more likely to be obese than those who do not refuse a morning meal. Firstly, the calories entering the body in the first half of the day are almost completely processed into energy; secondly, a hearty breakfast leaves a feeling of satiety for a long time and discourages the desire to snack on something harmful. Finally, it is breakfast that gives us enough energy to lead an active lifestyle — which is also very important for health and for a good figure.

Drink tea or coffee

If you drink three cups of coffee or tea every day, your metabolism will work 5-8% faster — which means that you will spend an additional 98-174 calories without doing anything. In addition, just one cup of freshly brewed tea (of course, without sugar and snacks) simultaneously “accelerates” the metabolism by 12% at once.

Drink plenty of water

6 cups of cold water every day — and here you are, doing nothing, losing 2.5 kilograms a year — or losing 50 calories daily. And if you want to lose more, drink cool water — then the body will need additional energy to heat it up to body temperature.

There is a lot of protein

Ideally, protein should be included in every meal — then your muscles will receive enough building material. In addition, a diet rich in protein accelerates the process of burning extra calories — up to 35%!

Getting more Vitamin D

The source of this most useful vitamin can be food (fatty fish, eggs, dairy products and seafood), as well as sunlight. Vitamin D is one of the main nutrients on which the metabolic rate directly depends. And if there is not enough of it in your diet, your metabolism will inevitably slow down.

Drink a lot of milk

Some studies confirm that calcium deficiency negatively affects the metabolic rate. The trouble is that women over forty have this deficiency very often — due to the fact that there is not enough milk fat in the diet. Be sure to eat cottage cheese every day, yoghurts (by no means fat—free), drink whole milk – it is milk fats that will help your body process excess calories into energy faster, and also protect against harmful fats coming from other products.

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