How sitting harms the body

The world today is such that we do most of the work in a sitting position. That’s how it destroys our body.

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Sitting may seem like an innocent enough activity — we do it while driving, working at the computer or just like that, but while it may seem like a great rest, prolonged sitting is associated with health problems that we should worry about. Here are just a few of them.

Weight gain

Researchers have studied the effect of sitting on our appetite. We may be inclined to think that sitting can reduce our appetite because we don’t spend as much energy doing it. But researchers have found the exact opposite. Prolonged sitting can lead to increased appetite and changes in metabolism, which can lead to an increase in our body weight.

Heart problems

Your heart health may suffer from sitting too long. Scientists conducted a study involving 2 groups of people with a similar diet, drivers who sat all day and security guards who had to stand all day — they found that the group who sat all day was twice as likely to suffer from some kind of heart disease. This is probably due to fat. When we sit, we burn less fat, which can worsen blood flow and therefore lead to heart problems.

Exercise won’t help

Time spent in the gym may not always compensate for the dangers of sitting, such as deteriorating mental health or heart problems. Experts say that they already consider sitting an epidemic, and emphasize that we should look at sitting and exercise as two different things. One thing won’t help the other, just like exercise doesn’t compensate for a bad night’s sleep.

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