What do the yellow leaves on the cherry say and how to treat them

Yellow leaves are always an unpleasant symptom. However, the sooner you find the cause of this phenomenon, the better.

The leaves can turn yellow for various reasons, but if you notice this on a cherry tree, it is highly likely that it has contracted a fungal disease — coccomycosis. Here’s how to accurately recognize and cure it.

Why do the leaves turn yellow on the cherry

Most often, this fungal disease begins to appear in May or June. During this period, brown spots form on the cherry leaves. Very quickly they become noticeable and cover the entire area of the leaf, and eventually the leaves, which are the energy supplier for the plant, wither and fall off.

This fungal disease develops best in humid and warm conditions and loves plants with a dense crown and basal growth. Fungal spores persist even on fallen leaves. That is why it must be cleaned in the fall. Also, in order to prevent infection with coccomycosis, it is necessary to remove all the fruits from the tree, and in spring and autumn dig up the ground next to the tree, removing all weeds and shoots.

Mulch and whitewash with copper or iron vitriol will also help in getting rid of the fungus. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the trees in early spring — noticing signs of coccomycosis at this time, it is necessary to treat the tree with a 1% solution of copper sulfate before applying nitrogen fertilizers.

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